Membership Benefits

There are many benefits that accrues to a member of this association, which includes:
  • Affinity and networking with likeminded people from your own very culture and traditions.
  • Opportunity to learn or re-learn many things about the our Isoko Culture and traditions that you may have forgotten.
  • Opportunity to familarize your children and dependents about your culture and tradition.
  • We congregate and support our members during child birth, naming ceremonies, weddings, burials; infact we are there with you at all times
  • Opportunity to benefit from the professional expertise of many of our members and access to services and assistance that may not have been possible.
  • Opportunity to participate in our group life insurance at a very affordable rate.
  • Expand your knowledge about Isoko land and current events taking place back home in the motherland.
  • Opportunity to help many back home as a group that may lack the resources and access.
  • Opportunity to participate in many of our numerous projects and charitable efforts towards the Isoko nation.
  • .....and many more......