Isoko Book Preview - Vbuhre Umubora Isoko

This book is an effort to expose Isoko people to writings in the language. Many of the users of the language find it difficult to read.

The young generation hardly can speak it, let alone read or write. This is why the book uses the new orthography to give practice to learners and users of the language. The book can be a reading companion for old and new users of the language - in fact, for every home.

THE AUTHORS are lecturers in the College of Education, Warri. They are graduates of English Language and Lingusistics, as well as being members of the Isoko Language Society where they are commited members of the Isoko Language Development Board.

.... Printed in Nigeria


Royal imPRESSion Plaza.

#31, Airport Rd., Opp. Mosheshe Estate Gate,

Effurun - Nigeria.



Agbada, E. O.; Umukoko, m. E.; Okedi, J. O. & Itiveh, J. O.

Vbuhre Umubora Isoko Book


Teach Yourself Isoko - Illustrated English Translation.