Isoko Book Preview - The Isoko Language Book

This book is a child of circumstance. Being asked to address the Isoko World Convention on the Isoko Languag was the immediate spur for me to release these pieces of vital information about the Isoko Language. I have deliberately expanded the content beyond a one-shot lecture because of the relevance of this message and for the rarity of getting the choice target audience. Indeed there is much to say.

The new orthography, Isoko language vitality index, lessons from the major languages, the Isoko language in the ICT Age, and how to develop our language are covered; among others. Linguists, the Isoko educated sons and daughters, researchers, as well as students will find this book a worhty companion of great value.

Pastor Joe Okedi, lecturer in the School of Languages at the College of Education, Warri, Delta State, Nigeria, is the Assistant Secretary of the Isoko Language Society.

.... Printed in Nigeria



Joe Okedi

The Isoko Language Book


Yesterday, Today and the Future.