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Isoko | Amb. Eloho Otobo
The Moment For Statemanship by Mr. President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Author: Ambassador Otobo Eloho.
...Article published in The Guardian News Paper.

Thus, President Babangida created the Oil Mineral Producing Areas Development Commission (OMPADEC). General Abacha called....

Isoko | Prof. Onokpise
The Isoko People of the Niger Delta: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow.
Author: Oghenekome Ukrakpo Onokpise, Ph.D.
...At the 8th Bi-Annual IANA Convention, LA, USA.

Geographically located in the southeastern part of Delta State, Isokoland is made up of two local governments; Isoko North with Ozoro as....

Isoko | Amb. Eloho Otobo Africa in Transition
Africa In Transition | A New Way of Looking at Progress in the Region.
Author: Ambassador Otobo Eloho.
...Book Publication.

Africa countries have made considerable progress in the past decade and half; however, conventional analyses of progress or lack....

IANY | Isoko son - Patrick Edewor
Changing Perceptions of the value of Daughters and Girls Education among the Isokos.
Author: Professor Patrick A. Edewor
...African Population Studies, Vol. 21, Isue No.1.

Among the Isoko of Delta State, southern Nigeria, as in many parts of Nigeria, male children are valued for their role in retaining or ....

Isoko | Amb Eloho Otobo Consolidating Peace in Africa Book
Consolidating Peace In Africa - The Role of The United Nations Peacebuilding Commission.
Author: Ambassador Otobo Eloho.
...Book Publication.

".In supporting post-conflict and fragile states in Africa, the book not only portras the UN peacebuilding..." - Shola J. Omoregle....

Isoko | IANY Otobo picture
The Federal Republic of Nigeria - Beyond Oil Strategy.
Author: Ambassador Otobo Eloho.

It is often thought that the reason that Nigeria has not made much progress in solid minerals development and even agriculture is the....