New Jersey State

New Jersey State is the second member state of the Isoko Association of New York. The proximity of the two states, especially North New Jersey to New York makes it very easy for Isoko indigenes in New Jersey to collaborate with indigenes in New York. Meetings are held in members' residency both in New York and New Jersey.

New Jersey is popularly called the Garden State and it have lots of side attractions, menuments and amusements that visitors and residencies enjoy. These includes the following:

  •  Liberty State Park.
  •  Thomas Edison Park.
  •  USS New Jersey.
  •  Liberty Science Center.
  •  Lakota Wolf Preserve.
  •  Newark Museum.

Most Isoko people that lives in New Jersey, live in North New Jersey. This is not unrelated with the proximity of this location to New York City, which is the largest commercial City in the world.